Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Hardest Thing To Do - Poem

The Hardest Thing To Do:
By:   Lisa Finkbeiner

My heart is heavy
And, also blue

To think of us
And, not to even know you

My life is damaged
And, cracked at the seams

I wish I could find you
But, I know I don’t have the means

Beware of what lingers inside me
Blackness, sadness and sometimes madness

It lurks behind every thought
And, it hides in my every night’s dreamlessness

Making me toss and making me turn
Choking my hope again and again

Will this weakness somehow leave?
When I’m trying to make a life out of this mess I bring?

An explanation for my pain would be wonderful to have
To justify my blankness and to maybe have someone to love.

I don’t want a man to sweep me off my feet
Just someone to grow old with and share an intimate meet.

If you’ve ever felt this empty
Here’s what you do

Find something to fill you up
Find something to pour into you.

It sounds so easy
And, too good to be true

Well, it is

For, it’s the hardest thing to do.

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