Monday, January 12, 2015

Over 90,000

I can't sleep so I'm up writing.  It looks like we hit over 90,000 total hits over the last 5.5 years.  Crazy!

I'm watching "Practical Magic" for the 300th time.  I don't know why I like this movie.  I love Sandra Bullock...Nicole is OK...Aiden Quinn is decent - but Sandra and Aiden (Sally & Gary) have such chemistry.  And, it is just cute and funny.  So...if you can picture me typing, I have the movie on.

For those who haven't seen D in awhile, I decided to do more pictures that writing.  There are a few funny things this kid does and I never ever ever want to forget them!

 This sums up D in ONE t-shirt.  He is SUCH a mess; I wish more people could be around him to see his little personality.  If his future teachers eery read this (I'm sorry) - I truly am....His Nana is at fault.  :-)

Before being blessed to become a mom I always envied moms that got all these mother's day goodies.  I cherish these.  2014

Sweet little profile.   I will forever EAT HIM UP!

Ms. Channing Barker and D - I do not think I have ever seen this child smile this big - He LOVED her and he loves pretty women - but especially this lady (I love her so much too!)

We like taking selfies as entertainment - He is a camera hog :)

OK - this is Tamara, our favorite Sonic employee/friend.  He LOVES her and calls her his girlfriend.  He got a little shy before I snapped the picture.

This picture reminds me of "I wanna be a baller"...he loves his hightop blue shoes...stinker - I love that face.  How do they grow up so quickly.  I was taking him to pre-school.

This is just a typical D pose, yes, he knew he was getting his picture made :-)

 This is one of best friends from school, E.  HE LOVES E!!!!

Again, just another pose - show off- in his superman underwear!!!

OK, the next series of pictures CRACK ME UP.  He has a few swords and he was on the bed and he was fighting the dark how it progresses.   He is on the bed...swing and killing storm or clone troopers....

He started out easy - heck, the battle was pretty easy at this point, right?

The battle started heating up and D kept moving closer and closer to the TV.  SOOOOOO captivated.

One more big swing and BAM he hit the ceiling fan - I Just happened to catch his faee right when he did it - This makes me laugh - BELLY laugh.   He was like OH, CRAP!

Sorry formatting the above pictures were too difficult at 4 am. So, I am letting them be.  Let's see what else we have in my photos...

He was happy with his M&Ms or (MMM's -is how he says it)

Attitude.  I'm sorry teachers!

I had to put the clone trooper mask on; D had spiderman and mom was darth vader.  Crazy kid.

Thanks to, AY, as such a sweet sweet amazing  friend...she let us be on a commercial - Mr. Barry Brandt was in the foreground and we were having a fall picnic in September - HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little cheese ball (how I love him).  Mom said the teachers would automatically peg him as mine...not true because MOM taught him all he knows (that's bad) :-).

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