Thursday, January 01, 2015

Hello 2015

Hello, all.  It's time I resurrected my blog.  I forget how therapeutic writing can be, I mean, I journal a lot but not like I used to online.  My life was an open book.  I shut down for awhile and it is time for me to find me again.

First of all, setting up my expired "domain" has been a nightmare...just getting that off my chest.

Life definitely didn't point me in the direction I thought I was supposed to go.  Three and a half years post divorce and I finally feel I have some the fog has lifted a bit.  I have an adorable and sneaky little 4 year old (the purpose of the entire blog to begin with) and he, independently, has rocked my world.  Here are two of the most recent pictures I have.  He is so big and I have so many D'isms that I will share.

I have wrestled with the what the purpose of the "next chapter" blog would be about and I just decided - it will be about me - mentally, physically and spiritually.  There are several angles that I can use so, whether I'm interesting or not, here I am.  Simplifying me.

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Kerry Winkler said...

Love you girl!!