Monday, March 18, 2013


It is with sadness and a tad bit of irritability that I privatize the blog.  I have enjoyed sharing my life and my journey to have Dawson with you.  Circumstances beyond my control have heavily influenced my decision to restrict who sees what.  If you know me or have followed my blog for awhile, you can probably guess why.

My weekend was spent in one massive emotional tantrum meltdown after another.  I'd laugh but it wasn't too funny.  Some major reality was thrown in my face and I was not dealing with it well.  My conclusion is that life is TRULY not fair and sometimes it just down right sucks.  **There is NO rosy ending**

I like to be in control.  I made a list of all of my "stresses" and I came up with seven main categories.  I'm dissecting them and seeing how I can take some stress off of my plate and reassign it elsewhere.  I know of two areas that are totally in my control it just takes the ENERGY to make them happen.

Anyway...again, if you'd like to be included in the private version of my blog (where I'm sure I'll be a ton more candid) please email me.

Happy Monday!

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