Tuesday, February 05, 2013

My first post of 2013

My whole first month in 2013 was a BUST.  I think we had about five good days.  LOL.

It is has been two whole months since I last posted.  My heart, again, has not been in it, but I'm losing precious moments that I am not documenting with D...and I have to discipline myself to start blogging again.  I want to capture every moment...

D and I are trying to get well from being sick week after week.  We truly have been sick for over three weeks.  I stayed home with him today because he has had fever and a bad tight cough.  I PRAY he is better tomorrow morning (for his sake and for mine).

What else...hmmm...my boys decided to suck me dry of money.  Zach and Tobey decided to hate each other (Tobey's fault).  They have been in countless vicious fights...two drain tubes for Tobey...a cut ear for Zach...a cut/broke leg for Tobey (the jury is still out on that one).  I have to keep them separated at all times.  It is insane and ridiculous and it really stresses me out. 

Dexter (just this weekend) decided to have massive seizures after massive seizures after massive seizures...he spent the night at the ER vet.  His mind was so jellied that he truly didn't act like he knew who I was...today he has been better - wagging his tail a bit and responding to his name.  I pray he regains everything :-(

I added a fourth dog to the mix...a cute little rat terrier named Bella.  She was sort of a rescue dog...she has been such a sweet addition.  Hyper but SUPER smart.  She loves D and D loves her...I'll have to find the pictures of them snuggling.

That's about all.  The stages of recovery are crazy...It is two steps forward and five steps back at times.  I'm trying to figure out who I am.  I've been sitting idle because I've wanted someone to tell me what to do; however, I now realize that it is all up to me.  I am D's mom and I HAVE to put my big girl panties on and be the best mom and person that I can be for D.  It isn't his fault that we are in the position we are in. 

One of the most important traditions I have with D is to try to get him to belly laugh before bedtime...I want him to remember us laughing and having a good time.

OK - time for bed for me.  Enjoy the pictures below...

Day Two of our crazy winter weather.  D woke up, looked out the window and said "AHHHH MAN! I get my boots on"  He didn't really like the cold :-)  So we didn't stay out long. 
I love this one...minus the Hyla vacuum water bucket in the background.  He is holding onto his cars.
Dr. Dawson...maybe he will help mom out in her old age with money :-)  This was at his two year check up.
D's first movie - MONSTERS, Inc 3D.  He did pretty good!  However, he did not want the 3D glasses on :-)

I just love this little sweet grin...

D decorated a mini tree for Santa - This was Santa's treat for all "his" hard work....
D in the snow :-)

My beautiful peace tree :-)  I love that tree.
My peace tree in full...

More winter storm pics of 2013.


Erin said...

I miss your posts. It is so much fun to see D and how big he is getting. Hope you two finally get a better.

AY said...

Welcome Back. I've missed you!@@@

ck_tulsa said...

Hi, just wondered, do you think Zach and Tobey may be getting territorial because of the new girl Bella?