Friday, August 10, 2012

Staying Busy

I am staying so busy.  I feel like I'm in dead sprint mode all the time (not complaining).  I like to be keeps my mind focused on things I should focus on and OFF of the things I can't control, change or attempt to worry about.  It's just too bad I'm not physically sprinting because my chunky butt needs some sprinting action.  :-)

I have posted a few pictures and believe me they are random...

Horrible mom, I know.  I have been nominated for "Mother of the Year" for this picture.  Yes, one night D's dinner consisted of Cool Whip and Chicken Chunks.  

 On July 30, we had to say goodbye to my sweet Kip Kip.  He was 11.5 years old and so very sick.  It was a very emotional weekend and Monday.  He is not hurting anymore and I have so many wonderful times to fall back on.  I love you, sweet Kip...always.

 The kid is ALL over the place when he sleeps - I have started capturing all his sleeping positions so I can put them in his book this year :-)

His MiMi makes amazing cakes...the best I have ever eaten.  She does huge weddings and birthday cakes.  This is Matt's mom.  She gave him left over icing in the decorating LOVED it.  BTW, his hair was way too long...he won't wear a hat...and we coated his head with sunscreen before we swam.  So, it looks like a greasy little mess.  

A little splurge for us...TOMS!  So cute.  I love the preppy shoes with camo shorts.  Classy.

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