Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Mom has had the opportunity to keep D some this summer while she is on break (she is an elementary teacher).  They have bonded and D LOVES his Nana - I mean LOVES his Nana.

After I leave for work, D and mom walk down to the mailbox where Poppa's paper is and D carries it back to mom and dad's house.  He is so proud of himself when he gets to hand deliver it to Poppa.  It is precious!

One morning she captured the above picture.  The "drought" and high heat indexes have been so bad that it almost looks like fall in the yard.  The leaves are dying everywhere.  Mom explained to D that those were leaves and they fell off the tree...D did not want the leaves to be on the ground so he kept reaching up and trying to put the leaves back on the tree.  TOO SWEET!

Not to be overly dramatic or too poetic...but each of the leaves on the ground represent a moment with D that I will never get back.  Once they fall off the tree...they are lost.  It isn't a BAD thing, it is just a sad thing.  He is growing up so fast and before I can even realize all I have of the moments of D's life are just leaves on the ground.  Sigh.  I can't stand that my little man is growing up so fast.

Last night he discovered that he likes jumping off of the couch onto the ground.  I'm trying to prepare my heart that I have a little dare devil on my hands.  He has NO fear.  NONE. I'm done for.  LOL.

Oh how I LOVE these pictures - this is an impromptu photo session with Tonya.  The pictures she got of D are wonderful.

Ummmmm, this shirt sums up D - "Big Trouble in a Little Shirt"

Big trouble in a little shirt confirmation picture.  YES, I think I just told him "No" about something - guess it doesn't matter what it was about, but he certainly doesn't like to hear "No".  Lol.

This chair was my mom's when she was a little girl - I LOVE it and D loves it.  It is a little rocker chair that has aged really well, sort of like my mom :-).

Just a little bath time fun.  He is a HAM!  Seriously a HAM!

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Erin said...

He is growing fast. And he is precious.