Friday, June 01, 2012

Nonna's birthday

Tonight was Nonna's birthday.  Nonna is my very dear cousin and she also keeps D...I am extremely blessed to have her as family and as D's daily caregiver!    This side of the family (mom's side) is the Dawson side.  (If you remember, mom's maiden name is Dawson). 

D absolutely LOVES kids especially his little cousins.  The below picture is such a cute one.  The baby girl and D stay quite a bit with each other - she is his Kenna-Kenna.  They love on each other all the time and they are just so darn cute.  My little cousin, Megan, has three little girls under the age of 4 :-)  McKinley (the one to the far right...Mischievous is her middle name)...McKayla (not pictured) and McKenna. 

After we got home, D spied mom's laptop on our couch...he is addicted to electronics.  He knows how to turn it on and make the keys type, etc.  He has trouble opening it and was yelling "open open open open open" to me.  He wants what he wants when he wants it.  Sigh.

I bought a few awesome apps this past week.  One is the blog app that helps me manage the blog and post fairly easily from my iphone...and the other two apps I bought are photo apps.  One allows you to play with the color on the the ones makes it black and white and then you can make a certain color pop out.  I search Pinterest religiously for things D and I can do to make memories, etc.  Pinterest always has really cute ideas with paints and different activities that are worth trying to replicate!!!  I bought some finger paints and we made our first piece of artwork a few weeks ago :-)  It is now framed and displayed on my grandma's old desk.  I LOVE IT!

Here is another picture that I have played with with the color my photo app.  This was his Mother's Day outfit.  I am IN LOVE with this outfit...and the kid in it obviously :-)

Mom got him a little tricycle a few weeks ago - His legs aren't quite long enough to pedal effectively but he can get around the house by scooting about.  Most of the time he just sits on it and watches TV :-)  He makes himself comfy and props his legs up on the handle bars.  Funny boy.

D just climbed in his building block tub and made himself at home in it.  I got so tickled at him.

This picture was our date night a few weeks ago.  He wasn't too amused and really didn't want to eat and sit still.  I need to take him out more so he will learn how to "act" in public.  Right now he waves at EVERYONE that walks by and says "Bye".  He doesn't want to eat and pitches some really good fits. 

He is totally amused with himself.  He laughs at himself in the mirror (for minutes at a time!)...I will ask "Who is that cute boy in the mirror?" And he will immediately start looking for the mirror...he will grin at himself and flirt with himself...totally hilarious.  The iphone camera that you can flip around is GENIUS for entertaining him.  We can sit around for an hour at a time and just video ourselves or just take pics.  This was one that I loved...

And, this one is my all time fave.  I printed this off and gave it to myself (in a really cute frame) for Mother's Day.  :-)


i love you both, mom said...

Loving the blog!!

i love you both, mom said...
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Janny said...

I love that bottom photo of you and D, you guys both look so happy! He is such a little treasure :)