Friday, June 08, 2012

D-isms Part 2

Mom and I were discussing how much D has grown up just in the last two weeks! I used to think, “I can’t wait until D does….this or that” but now I want it all to slow down because he does so many new things in a day, I can’t keep up!

He has all of a sudden started talking and repeating EVERYTHING! You can tell him to say a word and he will either say it clearly or try his best! I love it! Here are the words he is saying now…

• Poppa’s Tractor

• Big truck

• Bug – but he says it like – Bug-GA (with the emphasis on the GA)

• Shoot, shirt, shorts, shoes, boots

• Mommy, Daddy, Poppa, Nana, Pops, Nonna, Bubba (Uncle Marc), Meams (MiMi), Zach, Tobey, Dexter, Kizzy (Cat), Rach, Jax, Bo, Brooke, Dog, Bob (Hi Bob!)

• Peez (Please)

• Tank Too (Thank You)

• Umm Ma’am (Yes ma’am) while he is slowly nodding his head

• Piss (Pacy) but he says Pacy when he wants

• Go Go Go Go Go Go!

• Ball, Car, Juice, Chips, Bird, Tree, Hat

• Two (after I say ONE)

• Bye Bye, water (when we pull the stopper up in the bath – he watches the water drain out)

• Bah-sh (Brush…toothbrush)

• Open, Hey, Boo!

• Bite, Dink (Drink), Milk

• Hot (everything is Hot…even if it is ice cream)

• Bi-skit (biscuit), toes-t (toast), CHEESE!, Burger, Cracker, Cookie, Egg

• Love You

• No No No No No (but he only says it to the boys (dogs)

• Uh Oh

• Daw-ton Paw (Dawson Paul)

• Jesus (he has said this before he was a year old)

• Bang-ket (Blanket)

• Cue Boy (Cute Boy) We have mirrors around our big garden tub and I have him stand up and look in the mirror so he will tilt his head back so I can rinse the shampoo out of his hair. I have to say “Who is that cute boy in the mirror?” And, he will look and grin and laugh! Tonight, I caught him standing in the tub (before his bath) looking in the mirror laughing and he said “Cue Boy”! WHAT IN THE WORLD!
 He also started grabbing anything and reading it out loud. One of the first times he did this, he had his pacy in his mouth…lol. He grabbed some kind of instruction manual and read a few lines but of his pacy was in the way…so he stopped reading, pulled the pacy out and then continued reading. SOOOO FUNNY. He thinks he knows exactly what it says.

I think I have mentioned this before but since I got him off of his bottle, I get him to sleep in my big bed by singing to him, laughing, watching videos and looking at pictures on my iPhone, and he lets me snuggle face with him (and that is my favorite part of the day). He also likes for his socks to be taken off (if he even has them on) and his feet rubbed.  Stinker.

When he blows kisses, he puts his hand on his mouth and kisses it, but instead of “blowing” it away he puts the kiss on my mouth.  I LOVE that!

D gives fives and fist bumps - sometimes he will fist bump all on his own! - I'll have to post a video of him doing it.  D is just Mr. Independent. He will say bye to anyone…in a grocery store, at church, when we are standing outside and see a car drive by…lol. He gets your finger when he wants something because he wants you NOW.

He has started to pitch fits when he wants something and I say no. He will tear up, stomp off, fuss and cry real tears! I try my hardest to be consistent…and I THINK it is working a little. I know I know, he hasn’t hit the terrible twos yet, but I hope to get my bluff in early. I let him play and climb and make messes. I laugh with him and make messes with him, etc. However, with the things that matter, I have tried to be consistent, even if it means making him cry or upset. (Boy, I have done that A LOT lately). I pray he isn’t a holy terror; however, if he is, he will be the cutest holy terror EVER! Just kidding.

I’ll try to write more later about little things that he does that just are too cute for words...if this is boring...then please ignore me - I just want to document everything because I don't want to miss a minute of him...

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