Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mother's Day & Gall Bladders

May has been an eventful month for D and me.  Work has been extremely busy (as always) and we ended up way over goal/ YAY!

To say that Mother's Day was so special...well, it would be an understatement.  I'm in awe almost daily
that I have this little blonde cutie pie in my life.  The below picture was on Mother's Day in my front yard.  I got a coupon online from Old Navy and decided to get D some cute church clothes.  AHHH!  Found this salmon shirt with these ADORABLE white cargo shorts.  Ahhhh, I could just EAT him up sometimes.  :-)

Mother's Day 2012

After church we came back home and played outside.  Daddy bought D a swimming pool and D LOOOOOOOVED it.  The water was so cold and D did NOT care.  Here are some cute pictures...

Daddy and D

D realizing how cold it was...he he he - He did NOT care. 

Ugh - for some reason I cannot get blogger to load the stupid pictures!  Frustrated - I will try to get more loaded later.

The Gall bladder topic will have to wait until tomorrow...

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