Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gall Bladder

So, last Thursday night I started having really intense chest/stomach pains...indigestion...that's how I could explain it.  I sat scrunched up hurting for almost five hours.  Mom talked me into going to the ER. 

Long story short, it was my gall bladder.  I drove myself to the ER and my sweet cousin, J, met me there.  I was frustrated when they released me and told me to come back the next morning for another ultrasound.  The ER doc that checked me out AND confirmed the gallstones chickened out and sent a nurse to release me.  I was frustrated.

The next morning I went to my parents' GP and they did a comprehensive ultrasound and saw that my gallbladder was indeed thick and angry and it was lined with stones.  The GP immediately sent me to the hospital for surgery.  It was really quick and I was home by dinner time.

It has been a week and I am still a little sore.  I have four new incisions...yay.   My poor stomach looks like a war zone...the new incisions along with the old incisions from the last surgeries look "awesome"...add my wonderful stretch marks...ahhh, what a sight!

I go back to the surgeon tomorrow for a post op visit - hopefully I can be released and go back to work (I have been off all week!!)  This was NOT how I wanted to take a week's paid time off!  Thank goodness mom is out of school so she can keep D all summer when he is sick and I can build my days back up.

Anyway - that's all the news with me.  I will post some of my favorite videos from  My little entertainer.

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