Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm such a loser...

I'm such a loser.  I want to write about so much but then I don't have the heart to write about it...and then there are somethings that I just need to write about privately and not on here...blah blah blah.

I'm hanging in there.  Being a single mom is hard.  This week I think I have seen D like 6 hours (of him being awake).  It makes me feel so sad.  My mom picks him up from his caregiver and has him home and fed and usually bathed by the time I get I see him just long enough for him to hug me and for me to get him asleep.  I told mom last night when I got home that I felt so guilty because I felt like someone else was raising him!!!

I am missing out on him running around the yard and discovering everything new and ugh...ok, if I keep going I am going to make myself depressed.

The little guy is just growing up so fast....just look at him!

He has been on a "I wanna wear my shoes all the time" kick.  This was at 5 am. 

Here he is riding around outside.  Look at that dimple. 

One minute he was on the ground and the next minute (I walked into the kitchen) the closet was destroyed and he had somehow made his way up there.  ????  NO FEAR!  This happened in the span of five minutes TOPS!

 The little daredevil will climb on anything.  I had him stand still for just a second to take this picture.  I was gearing up to take a picture of him throwing his leg over the playpen just as a funny picture...however...this is what I got instead....

 Yikes.  He fell head first in there.  He didn't even cry or make a sound.  I'm in for it!

He was in a sweet mood this morning.  He wanted his Uncle Marc's shoes on.  D got them for Uncle Marc at Christmas. 

I looked up from watching TV with D and he was just chillin' on the side of the love seat...???? 

The above two pictures are of D kissing up to Z after he slammed him in the head with a truck.  I had told D NO! (he was holding the truck over Z's head and looking at me).  D smacked the lights out of Z.  Z got up and moved by me and D decided it was time to apologize to him...Z looks thrilled. 

 This cabinet is in my bathroom.  It's D's hidey-hole.  He loves to get in there.  He actually was waving at me while I took the picture...he was reading a book...

 This sweet picture was taken this morning - A RARE shot of him with NO PACY.  I hate that pacy.  It is messing up his teeth already.  BOO!  Anyway, he was intensely watching Monsters, Inc.  He LOVES that video!!!

He definitely is learning that he can push the envelope sometimes.  He doesn't like to be told no and he doesn't like for me to help him.  He wants to do EVERYTHING himself :-)  I'll write more later about his new attitudes...

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