Monday, February 20, 2012

Some days...

For the last several years, my therapy has been writing.  Writing..whether, in a private journal or on this blog.  I have so much to write much to figure out...but that will be switched to my private journal.  The infertility journey of this blog was well received and I never regretted inviting you all on the trip. 

Infertility wasn't something I was embarrassed was very scientific and factual.  The injections, the hcg levels, progesterone levels, how many follicles we had, the either POSITIVE or NEGATIVE tests and everything else involved.  There was very little judging or "talk" behind my back (or so I think).  I am sure there was "oh, I feel so sorry Lisa" or "I can't believe they are doing IVF again".  Oh well...

This new chapter in my life is completely opposite of the above.  I will not be writing on the circumstances of the divorce for public knowledge.  Sorry to disappoint or to limit the water cooler talk.

On some occasions I will write about my feelings or how I'm dealing with this new journey.

Most days I do well.  Some days I am hurt.  Some days I am embarrassed.  Some days I am relieved.  Some days I am lonely.  Some days I am overwhelmed.  Some days I am hopeful.  Some days I am confident.  Some days I am at my lowest of lows.  Some days I cry and some days I feel peaceful.  I don't know where I will be on what given day.  So there, that's what happens during my days.

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lmashe81 said...

I am praying for you during this time. Divorce is very hard. I have always heard it saying it is like a death, but you still have to see and deal with that person. I come from parents who are divorce. I always considered my self lucky at time because i would remember the ugly parts of my parents relationship. They pretty much didn't deal with each other. I pray that God gives you the strength to make it through this time.