Wednesday, February 01, 2012

In love...

I am so in love with this little guy.

I have had about six days of unexpected leave from work. I hadn't planned it but I am so glad I have been off.  This unexpected leave has been some of the best time I've had with D.  We have gotten up and snuggled; We have cooked breakfast together; We have played with the boys; We have read books after books after books; We have taken naps together; We have played outside; And, we have taken daily drives on PaPa's tractor.

I've never been a "farm" girl or a "country" girl, or I have never considered myself as one; however, seeing the pure JOY on D's face to be outside and to see his little eyes PLEAD with me to go ride the tractor when he sees the tractor or hears the word tractor...adorable...and I would move heaven and earth to see him get to ride on that John Deere machine!

He sits on my lap and is completely content to just ride for as long as I will drive.  He will look up at me and just grin...ugh...the most precious sight ever.  Every now and then he will grab the wheel and start driving.  He turns the wheel until we are going in donut circles.  Sweet boy!  He doesn't really like it when we stop and shut the engine off.  He will look up and reach out in front of him and grab the air with his tiny little fists and go "uh"? "uh"?  So, usually I start it back up and we take it for another spin.  I'm a sucker.

 The below picture is of the creek at the back of my parent's land.  My dad played back here when he was little and I now know that D will too.  We drove back here on the tractor and I took a picture of it.  It's beautiful back here...we are going to have a good time :-)

I have a little front porch and I open the front door and storm door so D can play on the porch and be "outside".  I have baby gated the stairs so he is safe and secure and can come and go as he pleases.  It has been rather warm (for January/February) so we have spent time out there.  D LOVED putting the glass in between us and he kept kissing me through the glass.  This is a precious picture to me...he he he.
This is the back porch. I had the main door open and the screen shut so I could let some fresh air in and Zach decides to barrel through the screen and rip it...nice dog.  Anyway, D decided he was going to go for it so he climbed much using the screen now!  I laughed when I saw it is a redneck doggie door! 

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