Saturday, February 18, 2012

From the Petri Dish

Little D's journey began two years ago yesterday.  Many of you remember (because you all prayed him here!!!) on Wednesday, February 17, 2010, D was a petri dish.  Oh my word...elation is only one word that describes that process!

Ahhh, the journey has been more sweet than bitter...but all the more...bittersweet.  To have my D, I would do it all again knowing the results would be the same. 

Here are a few pictures that I have of the little turkey.  He is a MESS.  Independent. Mischievous. Entertainer. Dancer. Laugh-er. Face Snuggler are just a few words that sum up his personality right now.

He recently discovered he likes ketchup...enough, in fact, that if he doesn't have anything to dip with he will just use his pacifier. 

The kid is fearless.  He crawls into my bottom cabinet in my bathroom and sits there.  Sometimes with the door FULLY shut.  In the dark.  Just sitting there.  It is his little cubby hole.  This picture shows that he DOES wear pants (or trousers, for Janny).  He also is infatuated with my hair dryer.  I use it on his hair after all his baths...sooo, he loves it.  Guess he is going to be high maintenance with his hair :-)  Just thought his feet were cute just sticking out.

He is also in love with my laptop.  I cannot use it when he is around...if I do...well, this picture shows what happens.  He knows how to turn it off and on (you can see his little left hand inching its way up to the power button).  He knows how your hands are placed on the keyboard and he moves his little fingers like he is typing.  It is too cute.

D is a stinker with a mind of his own.  As you can see, he climbed in the dryer.  He thought he was something else.  I probably encourage the orneriness because I make him stay where he is until I can grab my camera.  His goal was 1. to get in the dryer, 2. to get his blanket (you can call him goes wherever he goes).

This is his "TOE-BEE, TOE-BEE, TOE-BEE"  He says it really really fast too.  He loves the dogs, giggles when they give him warning growls, feeds them his food (all the time and giggles) and he loves on them like the above picture.  He lays his head on them and kisses them.  He refuses to give NaNa a kiss (he thinks it's a game) but he volunteers kisses to the boys.  NaNa gets pretty frustrated.

Fearless.  Fearless, I tell ya!  The boy climbs on EVERYTHING!  Don't mind my cluttery home!  His baby cousin, McKenna is in his bouncy (you can see her in mid bounce).  Yes, he does have clothes I was in the middle of changing him!

 D loves books.  He actually prefers books over TV.  His DVD player is right in front of him but he wants the book instead!  GOOD!  The teacher in NaNA is proud!  I'm pretty proud too...I want him to love to read and to be smart!!!

Again, here is his TOE-BEE.  Tobey is his shadow not because Tobey particularly worships D...but usually D has food in hand.  At this moment, D has a piece of toast.  D is taunting the poor boy by holding the toast away from him and then keeping him away with his foot...while giggling.  It makes me sad because (if you remember in my earlier posts, Tobey would wrap himself around my pregnant belly like he knew his friend was in there).  Tobey is around ten years old so it just makes me sad that D won't truly be able to have fun and play with him.  I hope D looks back and sees how much the boys really did love him in their own way.

D MUST have fluffy, fleecy blankets on him and around him and he must lay on them too to go to sleep.  His pacy has become somewhat of a fixture in his mouth (which I am NOT happy about).  The days have become a little unbearable if he doesn't have it close to him.  AHHHHHH!  Oh, he also has the Wii remote.  He loves that thing.  D can actually take the DVD out of the Wii and put it back in...insane how their little minds absorb!  The caption on this picture when I posted on Facebook was "He was a Wii bit tired"  :-)

He loves his microphone.  He has begun to singsongingly mumble with cartoons he is familiar with AND he dances with every piece of music he hears.  I laugh so hard at him.  He bobs up and down so much that sometimes he squats too deep and falls on his booty.  The kid is a character!

I'm so glad his first home was a petri dish...what a story and testimony he will have.  

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