Tuesday, February 21, 2012

D's 15th month check up

D's 15th month check up was today.  Poor guy got shots :-(  Ugh.  I hate it so bad.

D is now in the 71st percentile in height/length and 44% in weight.  He has a big ol' adorable head...coming in at the 96%-tile!  Mom was with me and she asked the "new" pediatrician if his head was too big.  And, this new older lady pediatrician said, "Grandma, you have a big head and momma has a big head...so Dawson has a big head...it's OK".  Thanks, pediatrician, if I have to have a substitute doctor again at your clinic...I will say NO when they offer up your name.  Geez.

I just want to bottle up his little personality and his giggle and smile.  I want D to feel what I feel when I reminiscence 20 years from now.  I want D to know what a JOY he was and is to me.  How HE and HE alone gave me new life.  If I didn't have D, I don't know how I would be getting out of bed each day.  D is Mr. Independent.  If I have two pieces of bread on my plate and I offer one to D...he will refuse the one I offer him and want the one on my plate.  LOL, he wants what he wants when he wants it!  Stinker!

My favorite part of the day is first thing in the morning when I hear his little giggly voice from his baby bed.  Yes, he sleeps in my room.  It is for my benefit NOT his.  Knowing him he would prefer being alone!  LOL.  I need him in the same room.  Makes me feel whole.  I get to pick him up and snuggle up with him in bed and we talk, laugh and play games on my iphone.  We always called it "soaking".  Ahhh, the best!

HOWEVER, my equally favorite part of the day is when I put D down for the night.  I probably break every parenting rule.  When it is time for bed, D and I curl up on my bed with all of his fleece and soft blankets, his teddy bear that I named "Beary Manilow" and his sippy cup full of milk.  It takes him a minute or two to settle down most nights but he usually gets still and snuggles.  I love to sing and one of my dreams was to sing to my children...my heart is warm and peaceful when I get to use my voice to sooth and calm D.  He snuggles up to my face (always has) and puts his check up against mine and tries to bury himself in my face.  He does not mind one bit when I give him a bunch of peck kisses all over his little face and nose.  D shuts his eyes and just snuggles right up to my face and usually falls to sleep within a few minutes. 

My favorite songs that have become a ritual of sorts to our nightly routine are "There is coming a Day" and "Peace Peace".  Two older hymn-ish type songs that I love and D has come to love.  I pray over the little guy and one thing that is most important to me is that he have God's peace.

D face snuggles with me every night and that truly makes the day's worries disappear for the time being.

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Jules said...

So sweet to be able to snuggle up and sing to your child. I love it. I usually make up crazy songs. They love it and so do I.
Hum, I think we have seen the same pediatrician. Once I was told the exact same thing about one of my kid's big head...well you have a big head Mom. Nice. Although in my case, sad but true. We have some ginormous heads in our family...I say the cause is our big brains and superior intellect. :)

God Bless you guys, keep enjoying those snuggles.