Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Time to Simplify

Yes, it is my time to simplify.  Prioritize. Weigh my life and sift out the unnecessary...

I learned so much last year...boy, 2011 was a whopper of a year.  However, I learned a ton and I refuse to walk away from 2011, and all the hardships and joys I experienced, and not take away lessons.  I do not want another year to be a "2011"...I am moving on.

So, to be able to survive a year like 2011, I must simplify.  This blog will become my simplification "journey".  I want my life to be clean and simple.  My focus will be on my relationship with Christ...the joy and love of my life, Dawson...enjoying my family...and putting renewed energy in my career.  All other "stuff" will be put where it belongs.

I know it will be a healing year for me as well.  I never intended to hurt anyone in this blog...ever.  Please accept my apologies to anyone who has felt betrayed by this blog...again, it was never, ever my intention.  This entire blog started because I wanted to talk about infertility...I didn't want to feel alone any more.  I never realized how much I would love to write and how much me writing would be therapy for my aching heart.

Whether I like it or not, or wanted it or not, I have a fresh (new) beginning.  I have the most precious little miracle in my care, and I will do everything within my power to keep that sweet boy happy and at peace.  I love that kid more than I ever thought I would and I truly thought I would love him a LOT...ha...I cannot put into words...I guess all the moms out there understand. 

I have a bunch of my the boxes in the garage (old bills, etc...maybe I'm a hoarder...not a full blown one...but too lazy to throw stuff away???)  IDK, I have to get rid of all that crap - I want a clean house...I want a clean garage...I want a clean life...I want a clean mind and clean heart.  I need to get rid of the crap and simplify.  The less I have around me...the more I can focus on what is important.

So, there is a "time for everything" motto for the year.  Here's to new beginning...

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