Thursday, January 26, 2012

D at 14 months

This kid is ALWAYS on the go.  He never sits still so here are two pictures of him actually still!!!  I just thought his little socks were cute in the top picture.  He was watching Chuggington or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or something.  The second one is of him sitting on his little couch reading his book.  He LOVES books which I LOVE.  He constantly brings books to me to read.  He's going to be a smart boy.

The below video is the aftermath of him dumping out the entire cat food container in the pantry.  He LOVES the pantry and is constantly playing in it.  I finally had to really make it kid friendly so when he shuts the door on me and plays in there by himself he is safe.  lol.  You will need to turn up the sound on this one.  He dumps out the entire cat food container and then starts putting EACH cat food pebble in one at a'll actually hear the "clink" of it hitting the tin on the bottom.  He is so funny.

This next video shows D in rare form.  The above video is inside the pantry and the below one is me outside the pantry and him inside.  He loves his privacy.  He will shut the door in your face and doesn't mind being in a room by himself.  He gets mad if we don't let him do it.  He is going to find out that NOTHING is private in Momma's house.  So...D, if you are reading this 15 years from now...OPEN THAT DOOR!

You'll have to turn up the volume on this one too.  You can see his little fits.  I stuck the camera in between the door and the door facing (he doesn't know I see him) so you can see his little fits when I try to open the door.  At the end he proceeds to shut the door really hard on my head when I try to get in (you will see it...well, you will hear it...I sort of scream...IT HURT!)

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shancrow said...

These are priceless!