Saturday, December 10, 2011


I have started posts so many times and I just don't have the "heart" to sit and write.  I am updating tonight whether I like it or not.

Life has been very normal the last few weeks.  Thanksgiving was great and we had a fun time with my Dawson family.  It felt like home (as it should) be I've never spent holidays with them...we always had to go to my dad's side...which is fine...but it was GREAT to connect with my mom's side...something I am sure that will become a tradition.

After Thanksgiving D got really sick.  I missed four days of work and we had a pediatrician visit.  It was HORRIBLE.  They had to flush out his ears to be able to see his eardrums.  His ear canals are small and tilted where even a little bit of wax could block the view.  Our doctor - Dr. W, tried to pick it out but D was having NONE of they had to flush out the ear wax.

I had to take his little shirt off and then the nurses wrapped him in a towel so he couldn't move or even squirm.  The stuck a little catheter like tube in his ear and it was connected to a spray bottle....well, the nurse started squirting water in his ear (or whatever the solution was) and well, it was just horrible.  D screamed and he screamed and he boo hooed until he almost fell asleep in exhaustion.  Ended up he had double ear infections and I am sure the "flushing" didn't feel so good on the ol' infection!!!

He has had a horrible cough, green snot, fever and ear aches the last two weeks.  I got the sore throat and cough from him and I almost lost my voice...we are both still trying to get better.  He didn't eat for about three days but today was the first day that he has started eating better.  He ate 1.5 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!  I was so proud!

As for me, I am doing well.  I am focusing every minute on D and work.  I feel good about where I am in life and I feel at peace in the here and now.  There are so many wide roads where my future could lead and I do not have the patience nor the time to daydream and worry about where they will lead and the actual road I will take.  I push everything aside and give D 110%...he gets my time and my love and my patience. I owe this kid so much.  He has kept me grounded and centralized in my thinking.

I have more to talk about but I am getting sleepy and I am going to take advantage of this earlier bed time...

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