Friday, November 11, 2011


I will never forget tonight's bedtime.  D and I sat in the floor and played his race car track toy (it goes round and round) for about an hour.  He puts EVERYTHING in, cars, books, DVDs, balls...even himself.  He wants to go round and round but the little engine isn't strong enough.  Ha.  I love it.

Mom had gotten him a big soft blanket to cuddle up in (for his birthday party tomorrow) and we snuggled up in the glider and I gave him his evening bottle.  We rocked and he fell right to sleep (or so I thought).  We rocked for a few minutes and then he shook himself awake.  I scooped him up and took him to his baby bed and laid him down.  He laid still for a second (awake) and then looked up at me and started giggling.  I couldn't help myself and I started giggling back.  We just kept giggling at each other until it turned into full blown belly laughs.

He was in such a good mood.  Ah!  I needed that giggle fest tonight...more than anything.  After our giggles, he fell right to sleep.  Ah, the kid is my joy.

He is getting so animated and smart.  We got a cat last weekend and he LOVES cats.  He pets them so gentle and he even ended up kissing the kitty when he first met her (we think it is a girl).  Anyway, tonight the kitty was on the table (yes, on the table) and it's tail was hanging off.  My table is tall, btw.  So, D went up to the table and instead of grabbing the cat's tail (like normal kids would), he was on his tip toes trying to kiss the end of it's tail!  Mom and I laughed so hard.  He wanted to put the cat's tail in his mouth!!!

This kid is hilarious.  He is starting to learn that he can try to get what he wants.  He can kick and pitch a small fit sometimes.  :-)  We are learning what a stern "No" means...and mom got mad at me tonight and said that I talked nicer to my dogs!  Whatever.  She just can't stand the thought of telling the stinker no.

Even though last weekend was his birthday, we are having his birthday party tomorrow at Family Farm.  I can't wait!!!  His theme is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I am excited.  I will have pictures to share!!!

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