Monday, October 10, 2011

No Title...

I don't have a catchy title.  It's been over two weeks since my last post.  I don't want to be a Debbie Downer all the time and I don't want to blog about the same ol', same ol'.  So here are some updates from our little household...

Dawson is on the go! He is just walking everywhere!  He thinks he is something else!!!!  He is a big boy and eats all types of things.  He loves grill cheeses and soups and anything that adults eat.  He has pretty much decided baby food is beneath him.  (however, he still loves sweet potatoes). 

He was dedicated last Sunday.  His MiMi Debra had someone take pictures so I need to get those from her so I can post them.  He did great and didn't cry or anything! 

Tobey is on his third round of antibiotics.  He has some kind of skin infection that he keeps licking and he has had it for about 3 months.  Poor guy!  He also has some sort of "disease" that cuts off the blood circulation at the tips of his ears?????  It makes the hair fall off and the edges of his ears look jagged.  He whimpers sometimes.  I hate it!

Zach will be the next in line for some work done.  He has a knot on his back between his shoulder blades.  With our history of pups and knots...well, it ends up being tumors of some sort.  He is 6.5 years old.  To me he seems like a puppy but it breaks my heart to think he is getting older.  So, he will be going to the vet soon to PROBABLY get the tumor removed...we know the drill.

Dexter is warming up to D.  He hasn't barked at him in awhile.  D LOVES Dexter.  Mom has been getting him to say DEX-ter ~emphasis on DEX.  LOL, He goes to the sliding glass doors and yells "DEEEEEsss-Deeeeer"....meaning Dexter.  SO cute.  Poor Dex is like...I DON'T LIKE YOU...quit calling me!!!  :-)

I am doing Weight Watchers.  When your brother says, "Dawson, your momma is getting chubby"...well, it is time to do something, I guess.  I have been on it a week and no change so far, but I am ready to get this weight off.

It seems so strange to come home to an empty house.  It is awfully quiet around here.  I have to remind myself that D is in the other room and that I have full responsibility of D.  I did meet with my lawyer today and there is one more piece of documentation to sign and then the divorce will be final on October 23 or 24. I really can't believe it. It seems like the last 7 years never happened.  I am heartbroken and angry and just want answers...however, I know I won't ever get the answers I need.  I'm vague...sorry.  My name will go back to my maiden name too.  I know this is the right thing to do.  D doesn't know any different.  He thinks daddy coming over every few days is his "norm" so that is one good thing.  The dogs seem depressed at times.  They love M and they go nuts when he comes over.

I try not focus on what is to come.  I am terrified to "start over".  I don't want to start over.

I am focusing on D's first birthday that is coming up in a few weeks. I CANNOT believe it!  He is going to be ONE!  ONE!  Our theme is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I cannot wait to see his little face when he plays with all of his new.....boxes and wrapping paper.  lol.  Everything is falling into place. 

Here is some new pictures...he is growing up so fast...

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