Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's been awhile...

I hadn't realize how long it had been since I have blogged!  Geez!  My hands have been full since I have a mobile speedster.

I also have been behind on my updates about D.  He is almost ten months old.  TEN!  He has been a little sickly the last few weeks.  We thought we were getting another ear infection but it was a fever virus.  D woke up last Tuesday morning at 2 am with 101.6 fever.  It seesawed from 101.6 to 103.2 ALL WEEK.  It finally broke on Friday.

On Tuesday (perfect timing) we had our nine month check up so he was able to be checked for the fever too.  They found nothing but just a fever!

He is 21 lbs and 3 oz and 28 3/4 inches long...he is in the 50% range...and I thought he was big...however, they checked his head and it was 19  THAT, however, is in the 98% range.  It scared me at first because she took it twice to make sure...however, she said, he is developing normally and he just has a big head.  Nice...that just means he has more brains in there to be SMART!  :-)

Here are some pics:

 D's first trip to the mall...he sat like this the whole time.  LOL.  It was like he was saying "Sup, dude"  We went shopping for him to get some shoes!  Look at those massive feet!  He wears 4.5W!!! 

D and the beautiful Channing B.  He LOVED Aunt Channing.  Aunt Patti (Channing's mom) was taking the picture.  He was so happy that day!  

My little Mickey Blue Eyes.  We were at the Toyota dealership in Conway taking pictures of Team Toyota for our Bike MS event.  I had to take D with me and why not take pictures of my most favorite subject?  :-) 

 There was a really good reason why D was just in a diaper...I can't remember why now, but he was wiped out from playing so hard at Nonna's house.  I thought this was cute cause in this picture he has man boobs. :-)  He will kill me for that when he is older.

All the boys were outside and D was watching them.  It was so cute.  He now talks to them through the door and stands up and beats on the door.  HE HE HE.

 #1, His T-shirt says " Sorry Girls, I only date models".  LOL.  And, #2) his hair is so long now that he wakes up with it all over the place.  This was a morning we were running late and I had to wet it really it looks like he has a comb over.  

 LOL, not the best picture but it shows his hair after a bath!  He has a ton of it.  It is darker brown on the ends and at the roots it is WHITE.  It looks like it is frosted.  I don't want to cute it but I think we are going to have to.  :-(  It will be WHITE one day.

 He was so sick and he wanted his regular pacifier.  He kept handing this one back... :-(  He likes what he likes when he likes it...sweet boy.

I got scared there for a bit.  He got up at 5 am like three mornings straight.  This was him at 5 am one day.  Playing and watching Disney.

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