Wednesday, July 06, 2011

New look for now...

I have changed the look of the blog for now.  I am thinking of trying to get something customized...we shall see.  Right now, this is decent enough for me.

D is now eight months old.  He is growing like a weed and actually has started pitching a couple of fits.  Mom and dad were keeping him one night and he threw a huge fit when dad was holding him and this was the conversation:

Dad:  Dawson is pitching a fit, come spank him!
Mom:  No, YOU spank him!
Dad:  (pause) We'll let Lisa handle it.

Thanks guys!  Mom is teaching him to shake his head no (which is sort of cute ~for now~).  He also claps all the time and flirts with everyone!  He LOVES kids and he LOVES his brothers (Zach, Dexter & Tobey).  He sits up on his own and he is great with pacifying himself with toys and even while trying to go to sleep.  He loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he stops EVERYTHING when he hears "Oh, Toodles!!!"  He has the funniest facial expressions.  When the dogs bark he lowers his eyebrows as to say "Boys, you are too loud!".  It is cute.

Here are some pictures of him.  I took some better ones on my real camera that I will post later.

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Sean and Lendy said...

I love the new look! That sweet little man of yours is absolutely PRECIOUS!!!