Friday, July 15, 2011


Tonight's post will be random.  D is loving saying "NANANANANANANANANA".  He also switches that with "DADADADADADADA" and only says "MUUUUUMA" when he doesn't feel good or just really wants me.  Guess that should make me feel better...

My friend, F, told me today that we were older than Justin Bieber's mom.  Yikes.  That puts things in perspective.  I was like gee thanks.  F and I are going to go tomorrow and be trained to judge Miss Arkansas prelims.  F was in all kinds of pageants and was in Miss Arkansas several times and was one of the entertainers one year.  I was always in the crowd cheering her on...Pageants aren't my favorite thing (so I'm glad I have a boy :-), but we are going to do this together and hopefully have a little fun while we do it. 

Ummm, nothing much else going on.  Hopefully the weekend will go over uneventful and I can rest a little after the Miss A thing tomorrow morning.

I did read "'IF' I did It" by OJ Simpson.  Yes, I did.  I read it.  It was very interesting.  It was an easy read and you KNOW he did it...they're no "IF's" about it.

I want to get the Jaycee Dugard book.  I've been dying to get it.  I just have been too lazy to go to the book store.  Maybe I can go tomorrow and get it. 

Ummm...what else.  D weights 22 lbs!  And, he had fever tonight of 100 degrees F.  :-(  Poor guy.  He has a runny nose, too.  I hope it doesn't turn into a bad cold. 

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