Friday, July 29, 2011


Work has been so productive.  I am pleased with the progress this week.

D is still not crawling.  He just scoots backwards and rolls where he wants to go.  We lowered his bed last night so he wouldn't tumble out since he has decided he likes to pull up on things!  His mobility has happened so fast!  I can't believe it!

He LOVES to clap and jump.  He claps at everything and everything is funny.  He is such a good eater and now in the evening eats up to THREE baby foods (2nd foods)!  He has begun to eat a little off the table.  D will eat mashed potatoes and he loves sweets (Twinkies, whip cream, etc.).  He is just so darn cute. :-)

D is beginning to really like his bath time.  Since he can sit up and play all at the same time...he just is all over the garden tub.  It cracks me up.  I filled it up a little too high the other night and every time he would reach for something he would almost float away.  HA!  Don't worry, the tub has a built in seat off the side so i can sit in there with him while he bathes.  :-)

I think he is finally over his cold.  He pulls on his ears a little still but not much.  His nose runs a bit still too but all in all he feels a lot better.  The kid LOVES the outdoors and I think he is accidentally getting a tan.  Of course, I cannot tan (I am soooo fair skinned) so I guess he is getting some sun just by walking to the car and back.  LOL.  Glad he got his dad's skin. 

I did buy a little pool for him and I want to put him in it with his swimming trucks to see what he thinks...maybe this afternoon.  I want to take some pictures of him and see if I can capture some cute ones :-)  New hobby I guess.

Anyway - that's about it.  Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully I can post pictures soon!

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