Monday, June 27, 2011


If you have read this blog from the beginning you know that TMI doesn't exist...I will tell all and show

OK, this is sort of gross, but I am in AWE!  I have a few skin tags.  LOL, yes, skin tags.  So, one showed up in the crease of my leg (right on my underwear elastic line) during pregnancy and the hormones fed that baby and it grew HUGE!  It looked disgusting and I just couldn't believe how big it was!  I was embarrassed to go to a dermatologist or my OB/GYN so I watched a Dr. Oz show during maternity leave on home remedies of removing skin I tried it last Thursday...

AND IT WORKED!  The home remedy was to tie a piece of dental floss as close to the "root" of the skin tag and get it as tight as possible.  The purpose is to cut off the blood supply to it.  I worried about it getting infected, etc.  Well, tonight the elastic snagged the skin tag and it felt like someone pinched me.  I looked down at the skin tag area and the skin seriously plopped to the ground.  It almost made me puke.  Seriously.  It looked like a raisin.  Yeah, it did.  Good thing I hate raisins.

OK, yeah, that was a gross admission.  Sorry.  But, now I am free of that skin tag!  I know it works!!!  YAY!

Anyway, I look forward to the long weekend.  I believe I am going to take Thursday off and I am already off Friday and I think I am just going to make it a long long weekend.  I still need to unpack more...but I feel like I am getting into some sort of new routine at our new place.

D is teething like crazy.  He has four teeth in (three on the bottom and one on the top).  At night they really bother him and he just cries and cries (so very unusual...this baby NEVER EVER).  Breaks my heart. 

He started clapping on Saturday!  He claps all the time now...especially after every bite of baby food!  LOL, it is pretty funny...we say YAY after every bite and he claps :-)  He is so dang cute.

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