Monday, April 04, 2011

too long...

I feel so out of my blog world loop.  I am taking a quick break from working and then plowing through for a couple of hours to get my to do list down to 100 things instead of 200.  We'll see.

Dawson is FIVE months old today. 

He is a smiley, happy, amazingly sweet little guy.  He grins ALL the time.  Flirts your head off.  People just fall in love with him cause he flirts so much.  Just seeing him interact with new people just makes me burst.  He just grins and bats his eyes and gives this big gummy, toothless grin.  His sugar bowls (aka, dimples) are just getting a work out.

He is getting so big.  He still hasn't rolled over but he is getting close.  He likes bananas and sweet potatoes but doesn't like peaches, pears or apple sauce.  He is such a blessing and makes my heart, I love this kid.

The above picture is what I see every morning when I peek inside his crib...that big ol' smile.  He has started to giggle and I canNOT get enough of him :-)

We are currently living with my parents.  Yes, all six of us (Matt, D, me and the three furbabies).  It has been an interesting time because we have run out of room and are living on top of each other.  It has been great to have D so close to mom and dad AND to have the help during my busy season.  During this time of year, I am used to working many late nights and without mom to help with D, I just don't know how I would get it all done. 

One surprise about being "exhausted" during motherhood was not what I expected.  I get more sleep now than I did BEFORE D.  I sleep all night now whereas I was getting up every 45 minutes to either pee or turn over before.  He is such a good sound sleeper and I get to sleep good with him!  The exhaustion comes in because there is no "me" time...which I don't care for the "me" time right is just that I have to be "on" all the time.  D is usually my alarm clock so I have to juggle getting ready and getting him ready to go to J's and then I rush to work.  Work has been interesting because I have to cram so much into an 8 hour day because I have to get home to D!  D then has my focus until his bed time which ranges from 8:30 to 9 or so and then I am so tired from the day that I crash!  I wouldn't change one thing about it though, but I expected to be tired because he didn't sleep at night...HOW BLESSED AM I!???

I look at him in his crib and see that giggly smiling face and I seriously want to just eat him up! 

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