Monday, April 25, 2011

Our First Easter...

Here are D's first Easter pictures.  His Nazi Nana got his Easter outfit.  I wasn't too appreciative of her "traditional" pick, but it grew on me, especially when D was in it.  It turned out cute...sorry, Mom, I made fun of you and turned my nose up at it :-(  I did, however, say no to the knee socks.  :-)

I'm just an all around sweet and happy boy! 

 I'm laughing at my Nana...she's pretty cool...

I know it's a pink pig but I collected pigs growing up and thought it fit for us.  Also, the "Love you Forever" book was more of my gift to myself even though it is in his basket.  D got a piggy, bunny, foot ball, several books, crocks, a couple of outfits and another bunny!    

"Oh my gosh!"  I'm so overwhelmed!  Thank you, Mommy!!! 


 Who's going to be the next NCAA All American AND Academic All American Football player!!!? 

Ok, I am pooped.  Easter is a tiring!  Look at those chubby feet!!!  He still had his piggy :-)

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