Monday, April 11, 2011

It's a Monday...

It's a Monday and I have been VERY productive.  I still have a BUTT LOAD to do but I feel I got some good stuff marked off my to do list. 

D rolled over for the first time this weekend!  FINALLY but sort of...he rolls on his side but not all the way over on his belly.  He will roll to his side all day long.  Well, I rolled him on his side and he finished the job with rolling on his tummy.  So...I'd say that is rolling over!  :-)

He also loves his jumpy things.  He will just jump and jump and jump and jump!  He is so stinking cute.

I have a road trip tomorrow.  Got a lot to do between now and then (like my taxes!!!)...but all in all I am working my way down my list...and my list is pretty darn long.

Anyway....just wanted to say hi.  I am feeling pretty good today.

I am officially not breastfeeding anymore.  I am really sad but the decision helped my feelings.  I am not producing milk hardly at all (nothing in my right side) but it isn't worth trying to feed D and then have to stop in the middle of feeding and make a bottle because he isn't getting enough.

Also, he has been eating baby foods...he LOVES bananas, carrots & sweet potatoes.  He doesn't like peaches, pears or apples?  I hope he likes good food!

OK - enough of the chit chat random stuff.  I gotta get rolling.

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