Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nothing new...

There is nothing new to really post about.  D is getting big and giggling out loud and is just darn good.  I am blessed. 

We went to a friend's wedding today and he was great.  We did  have a major blow out in his diaper and had to change back in his PJs.  :-(  A good friend of mine's son was there and we were sitting beside them and (the poor little guy) now is in the ER with 105 fever.  They are thinking strep or flu.  Please pray for baby T and please pray that D doesn't catch it. 

We have had an offer on the house for about a week now.  We have been excited until this week.  The inspector came back and said we had to replace our air unit. ($2600+) Something to do with new government regulations.  The house is only 6 years old...seriously.  I am so mad about it all.  We need so badly to rid ourselves of the house and quickly (since we aren't actually living there full time) and this is a pretty big speed bump.  Please pray that something happens different.  This lady is getting a STEAL of a deal on our house and us replacing a perfectly good air unit just stinks to high heaven. 

We stopped by today after the wedding (my first time back to the house since I started back to work (six weeks ago).  It made me really sad.  I really like our house.  I just wish it was were we are now.  I know life moves on and things change but that was our first house and D's room was all done and ugh.  I hate change.  I have this weird thing that inanimate objects have feelings.  Like when I get a new old car is like "well, I treated you so well...and now you are getting rid of me?" My house has so many memories and I just feel like I am abandoning it.  Weird, I know.  I know a house or a car has no feelings.

It is early in the morning.  I am going to go back to sleep.  D woke up (rarely and barely) and was hungry.  I fed him a little snack and he is back asleep.  I got too hot so I am trying to cool down.

I will post a video of his giggling tomorrow.  He is such a blessing.  I know that I probably "over" talk about him...but he is my miracle and my life now.  I want to be a voice about infertility and a voice that it can work and a voice that God's plans can work!

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