Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lunch Therapy...and D's 4 month check up...

Life seems to be flying by these days.  The cliche "Time flies when you are having fun" should really be "Time flies when you are really busy".  It seems that weeks go by instead of days (like one day equals seven days). 

D had his 4 month check up on Monday.  He did really good.  He seems to smile and talk the most when on a changing table (or the doctor's table).  He just grinned and smiled and cooed.  All went very well.  He has yet to be sick and he weighs 16 lbs and 5 1/4 oz (63%) and was 25 inches long (33%).  I don't think they stretched him out long enough and the doc even mentioned that he thought he was longer than that.

The doc asked if he was doing OK...cooing (yes)...talking (yes)...squealing (yes)...laughing (yes)...interacting (yes)...following you with his eyes (yes)...rolling over...I said, ummmm...that's a negative.  I laughed and told the doc that he doesn't get put down long enough to learn to roll over.  He just laughed at me and I guess we need to let him learn how to roll over. 

D still sleeps all night and wakes up about once to have a "snack" and then his eyes pop open at 7 am on the dot EVERY morning.  I HAVE to get up earlier!!  I lay there for a few minutes praying he will fall back asleep but then he just starts talking and laughing and giggling and I have to pick him up.

Ummm....what else. We have an offer on the house and so far all is falling into place.  We have had a few bumpy spots but I think it will work out.  Our realtor has been great (Nathan Basinger, Legacy Realty in Conway).  He has gone above and beyond to help us out.  Our situation is unique and he has helped us.  Please just pray that all goes well and we close on March 29th without having to pay!  That has been the ultimate goal.

My infertile friends and I have been working on the Arkansas Fertility Support Group (AFSG).  Our first meeting will be May 2.  We will meet on the first Monday of each month.  I am excited because there seems to be true interest!!!  If you are in the central Arkansas area and want to attend...let me know!  We are still ironing out details.

I am debating on quiting breast feeding.  I am just not producing enough milk to keep up with him and it makes me extremely sad.  I have been mixing 2 oz of formula with 4 oz of my milk to try to keep up.  I think I am about 16 oz ahead of him right now.  Which stinks.  I want so bad to continue to breast feed.  I don't know whether to quit altogether or just keep pumping and add a little of my breast milk to his formula.  If I could just make a decision and not beat myself up about it I think I'd feel so much better.  (duh)

Work has been insane.  There are not enough hours in the day right now for me.  This is the first time that I have had to juggle event season with a new baby and it is extremely difficult.  I travel the state with my job and some nights I just get to see him asleep...which hurts my heart so bad.  I know it will calm down in May but I feel I will miss an entire 6 weeks of his life.  I leave at five pm each day and try not to think about work (which is a 180 from what I'm used to) when I get home.  I only get a few precious hours of the day with him and I have to think about the quality not quantity!!

OH, and, I want another baby.  I think I am addicted to being pregnant.  Even though I was sick and had gestational diabetes and PUPPPs and you name it.  I MISS having that life inside me.  I pray that one day we can have another one.  I look at D and think...he would be such a good big brother.  I don't know if it is hokey or not but I still feel that there will be a Malia Grace somewhere in our lives.  I certainly pray there is.

Anyway...that's about it.  I needed some blogging therapy and I think I have had my say.

Please continue to pray.  I have many needs that I will not mention...God just say "It's for Lisa"...He'll know :-)  Thanks.

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Erin said...

I am still struggling with that breastfeeding question myself. I only pump after he eats because I can't pump while at school. Basically I pump enough for one bottle. Part of me thinks I should just go all formula, but I am hating the thought. Wishing this decision was easy - for both of us!