Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm at home today from work.  I dropped D off at J's and headed in and then called the vet to make an appointment for Tobey.  He has had kidney stones since this summer and to make a long story short...they have gotten worse.  The vet said they had an opening at 11 today and I was like OK.  Logistically it was going to be challenging (the vet is halfway between work and home) I would have to take him to the vet drop him back home and go all the way back to work.  So...they called back and I was able to get him in at 9 instead.  By the time I got back home it was "too" late to go into work and be productive so I decided to stay at mom and dad's with the pups and help clean. 

Anyway, he has more kidney stones and will have to have surgery March 21st.  I have to watch when he pee pees because one stone is close to lodging itself to completely block his "tube".  Anyway...poor baby.  Here is a picture of him in my lap after they ran some tests...

Anyway, I am home now and I am catching up on some blogging.  I'm going to "blog" in pictures today, I think...

We got the cutest outfits at Old Navy this weekend.  He is growing so much.  He does more "talking" on his changing table than anywhere else.  He has learned the sounds "ka", "da", "er" and mom heard "ma" so hopefully "Momma" will be his first word.

D has also started to open his mouth when he comes close to your face.  He is probably too young to give "kisses" but this is what we do when we give kisses.  

He loves to have his feet in the air.

 I call him "Mickey Blue Eyes".  Sweet boy.  Makes me want to pinch his little cheeks

If anyone can read Zach's thoughts..."Man, I haven't had the camera pointed in MY direction in awhile...wonder what the occasion Lil Brother out of the room or something???"

D makes the craziest faces.  Sometimes he frowns and this one he is like "another picture, really?"

What he does best...smiling!  He was in his big boy crib :-)  He lays there and grins at the football/baseball mobile above his head.  

This was his first night in his big boy bed :-)  He liked it.

Momma's sweet boy.

Daddy is changing his diaper and he is laughing at him.  See below.

Yes, Matt DOES change diapers...when asked.

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