Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm Amazed...

I'm just amazed at how much D has grown in the last week.  I have been lucky enough to have three extra days with him this week (we had a TON of snow and we were out of work).  I'm going to be ruined when I go back on Monday. :-(.

He has developed so much this are some milestones...

1.  He has found his hands and they have found his mouth!
2.  We think he is about to cut some teeth.  He has two bumps on his bottom gums and they are growing.
3.  He has decided that he likes to sit up...and he sits up so good now!
4.  He holds his head like a big boy.
5.  He still just talks and smiles ALL the ALL the time...he has yet to giggle out loud but he will any day...he cackles like one or two times but not a full belly laugh :-)  You may not see him again after that because when he starts that...I will probably just gobble him up.
6.  He has found toys and reaches out to them and to our prompting hands.

He is such a joy.  I know people get sick to death of me going on and on about him but when I look at his sweet face...I just see MIRACLE written all over it.  He is truly a little angel face.  Here are some pics:

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Just Jiff said...

Not tired of you going on at all. I think it's wonderful and am so thankful you got your miracle. :)

He is absolutely PRECIOUS. I actually had a dream about you guys last night. Weird. Just you toting him around and I was going to get Bayley from daycare to meet him.

Now we need to get you MORE babies! (And more for me, too!)