Saturday, February 19, 2011

4 will not be my friend...

I think this was the time I was up with D while I was pregnant...however, he got up for a snack and now he is sound asleep and I am up playing stupid FB games.

I'm addicted to dry fruitloops for some reason.  I am drinking a big ol' diet coke, eating dry fruitloops and playing fronterville.  Such a loser.  :-)

I'm dropping more "loops" than eating.  Zach and Tobey are patiently waiting for each one dropped.  Dexter is too lazy to get out of bed (he's my "healthy" one).  If he knew "loops" were dropping he'd be ALL over it!  But, again, Z & T are my buddies in the middle of the nights, Dex just stays on the bed and sleeps.  He is sort of like a beached whale.  Once he gets on his back it is hard for him to get

Well, it's the weekend.  I don't have anything in particular to do or anything planned.  We have hired a realtor finally and I think Monday we will have a sign up.  So, sometime we have to go up and clean/pack/etc.  I haven't been to the house in over three weeks.  I'm sad.  I love that house....wish I could just pick it up and put it where we are now.  Most of D's stuff is here (except his crib).  He is still sleeping in his playard beside our bed.  It works pretty well.  I have a changing mattress that he sleeps on and it works out well.  It is curved up on the sides so he keeps him pretty contained; however, the chunky monkey is about to outgrow it so we will probably get his big crib and bring it to mom and dad's this weekend.  He hasn't slept in his crib yet.  I bet he will like it so much better.

 This is pretty much what I do all :-)

 My new ride.  I LOVE it.

 Daddy & D watching the Bachelor :-)

 My first time in my new ride!

 The first toy that really caught my eye.  I LOVE this bear!  Thanks Aunt Fawnda!

He is just growing up so fast.  Each day he has a new sound or a new facial expression.  He is teething, you can't tell it by looking at him (like he isn't fussy or anything yet) but he has two big ol' bumps on his bottom gums and he constantlly chews.

He's just a sweet thing.  I just still see an amazing miracle every time I look at him. 

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HandyFamily said...

D is getting so big. I love his little dimple! It is so nice to celebrate your little miracle with you!