Thursday, February 03, 2011

13 Weeks

Dawson is 13 weeks today.  Three months tomorrow on the 4th.  Sweet baby.  This picture is so cute to me.  He had crazy bath hair (we had just given him a bath) and Nana D was playing 'Patty Cake" with him.  HE LOVED IT!  Especially when she would yell "FRO 'EM in the pan"...not throw...but  I'll need to post the video later.

He is such a good baby and he is doing so well with J.  They love him as much as we do. 

He completely skipped the 6 month clothes.  He wore 6 month clothes for about a week and then WHAM...his outfits are too small for him!  We have to go shopping soon!

Love you, D!  Happy three months, baby boy.  You are amazing!

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Erin said...

Can you believe how fast time is going?! Our boys are getting big. I just keep thinking that it won't be long before Harrison is eating cereal and sitting up. It makes me proud and yet sad all at the same time.