Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just checkin' in...

I have been at my mom's house the last few days.  My Uncle Ronnie passed away this week.  It's my dad's brother.  My Uncle Ronnie's wife is Aunt Debbie.  So there are two Debbie Finkbeiner's (if you remember my post a long time ago).  My Aunt and Uncle got married before mom and dad so Aunt Debbie is Debbie mom is Debbie #2. 

Debbie #1 and my mom have been best friends since the third almost 50 years.  They married brothers and the rest is history.  My Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Debbie had three kids and we all were raised like one big family.  So, as you can imagine it has been a hard week.

I will post a picture of Dawson and Uncle Ronnie when I download my pics.  (I forgot the cord again).  Anyway, it's been a hard week.  If you can, say a prayer for our family...

I just have a few more days left at home with week and then three days of the next.  I will miss being able to feed him at 6, curl back in bed with him and sleep until noon.  We stay in our PJ's all day and watch TV and nap.  I love it.

I'm mentally trying to prepare...Acceptance is the key but I haven't made my mind and heart go there yet.  Life will be SO different.  I am going to have to try to weave my two lives together.  I had a solid life with just working all the time and then WHAM I have Dawson and that has been my 100% focus...and now I am going to have to learn to juggle my work life with my Dawson.  It is going to be difficult but I will make it work.

My father in law sent me this picture today of Matt when he was a baby...My picture is below his...

So, what do you think?  Who does D look like?  My opinion is that he has Matt's eyes and forehead and my nose and mouth.  Thoughts? 

Sigh...ahhh, he finally found a pacifier he likes!  It is old school!

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Ashley said...

I'm sorry about your Uncle. :(
So if I read that right, your maiden name is Finkbeiner? Which would mean you did the opposite of me, you had a hard to spell last name and married into a simple one, where I went from Brown to Patillo and everyone assumes the l's are silent and my husband is hispanic...and both of those assumptions are wrong. lol
I can see a perfect combo of your baby picture and Matt's baby picture in Dawson's picture. :)