Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yes we are alive!

My laptop is on the is ancient and about the size of a huge suitcase.  So, my posts have been few and far between without having regular access to a good computer.  Mom is up today watching D while I am cleaning the house.  LOL, I don't get much done during the day but eat, sleep and poop with

This kid is amazing.  I just stare at him in awe.  I can't believe he is mine and he is here.

He is five weeks old and doing really good.  He has already outgrown all of his newborn clothes and is in 3 month clothes.  I am so sad.  He didn't get to wear that stuff enough and I have already started a tub of "clothes outgrown".  :-(  My baby is growing up. 

D eats REALLY good...his cheeks are chubby and he is just darn cute.  Mommies have to say that because they believe it is matter how ugly the kid is...JUST KIDDING!

The first month he slept at night pretty well.  He would sleep every 3 hours and then get up and eat.  The last few days he has started to stay awake longer.  He wiggles and makes eye contact and smiles.  I am amazed at how he is changing.  Mom can't believe how big he is getting.

We still haven't been out of the house since Thanksgiving.  With flu season and some kind of stomach bug and whopping cough and people and germs out there, I just want to keep him safe at home.  And, I am a little nervous about taking him out by myself.  I don't like him being strapped in the car seat...seems very confining.  I have got to venture out next week to my 6 week doctor appointment.  (I cannot believe it has been 6 weeks)!!!  So, he obviously has to go with me.  He will also visit MeMe Debra at her work maybe my nerves will be OK.

I have lost 27 lbs since giving birth.  I am 20 lbs down pre-pregnancy weight.  I feel pretty good about that.  YAY!

We are going to attend church for the first time with him tomorrow and I pray he gets his bowel movement out of the way before we get into service.  This kid sounds like a cannon when he poops...the noise will bounce of the ceiling!!  I told Matt if that happened that I was going to look behind me like someone else did it.  We will see how well he does in public.  :-)

Of course, for the ultimate...PICTURES!  Here are some of the last few weeks...I have taken one every day...those are on facebook though...

DAWSON PAUL at 4 weeks...


My friend, Charity, always put her girls in onesies and put a stuffed animal up against them at their age I am going to adopt her practice.

The below pictures are from Thanksgiving week... :-)  

 This is D's first real bath...he still doesn't really like his baths...

Grandpappy Johnny (Matt's dad) loving on D

This bib says it all.  Cousin Megan got it for says "Everyone is thankful for me!"  Isn't that the truth????

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Marc and Charity said...

you are doing so great lisa!!! 27 pounds? i hate you. j/k. love you.