Monday, December 27, 2010

Stuffy baby...

I have a stuffy little baby.  He sneezes twice and then coughs.  Poor little guy!  I hate it so bad.  His stuffiness really isn't too bad but just enough to make me neurotic.  I'm just afraid this is just the beginning of having a cold...hopefully he can fight it off...I HOPE!

We got a humidifier and a battery powered nose suction and some saline.  POOR GUY! 

I'm still hanging at mom's house for a few more days so if I have to use the nose suction thingy then she can do it first. 

I have eaten a whole box of Froot Loops...dry.  They have just hit the spot.  My poor kid gets GREAT nutrition!

I'm still breast feeding and D is a champ at it.  I pump off about 5-10 oz a day after feeding hopefully we will have enough to keep D in breast milk after I go back to work (in five weeks).

I can't BELIEVE I have only five weeks left of my leave.  This magical time is almost over and I can't stand it.  I love my job but I love my D more...and I want to be the one that watches him take his first steps and hears him talk and UGH!  I will have about 5 or 6 good hours with him a day!!!  Seems so wrong.  I know I'm belly aching...millions of women go back to work and they live...but still.

That's about all that I did today...I held the little one and enjoyed every minute of spoiling him.

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Marc and Charity said...

Ok, 2 things....

1. a battery operated nose sucker? wow. didn't even know those existed.

2. you can pump 5-10 oz after feeding him? so not fair. I could barely pump 2 oz. :) you rock!