Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I'm extremely concerned with my milk supply.  I completely forgot that the pediatrician said to watch taking antihistamines because not only will it dry up your will also dry up your milk!  I got sick this weekend and I completely forgot and took a day's worth of antihistamines.  I noticed I didn't have a ton of milk yesterday and today my milk isn't coming in like usual.  I am drinking a ton of hopefully I can continue to produce milk!  EEK!

I'm enjoying my time with mom and dad.  Mom completely spoils Dawson and he LOVES her.  She sings him funny songs and it just awesome to see her get to interact with her grandson.  :-)

Dawson is such a joy and good baby.  He wakes up smiling.  I change his diaper and look down and he is grinning with a big toothless grin...and I just want to eat the dimples off his face!  Gosh, I love this kid.


Erin said...

My sister-in-law said her daughter told her eating oatmeal would increase the milk supply. I have tested it or read up on it, but there is one suggestion for you.

Seth, Jen, Hannah, and Cailyn said...

I was just about to suggest the oatmeal thing, too. It reall does work.

I've also heard that Fenugreek tea is supposed to help. I've never tried it, but I've "heard" gals on BBC rave about it.

And keep up with the water, and rest as much as you can.

Also, if you feed him more for a couple of days, that will boost your supply too.