Friday, December 24, 2010

35 years old and 7 weeks old...

My 35th b-day was on the 21st.  Yes, I am 35.  Officially middle aged.  lol.  Dawson was the best birthday present ever.  My day was spent biggie...just holding my little one and feeling extremely blessed.

Dawson turned 7 weeks old yesterday and the little guy is in 3-6 month clothes!  He isn't like fat or anything he is just a big ol' boy!  He has started (since last week) smiling at everything and everyone.  We constantly talk to him and sing to him.  He just smiles and he is JUST about to start laughing.  He actually has cackled a couple of times in his sleep...even in his sleep he is happy!!!

He has gotten really animated lately too.  I was holding him the other day and Tobey came over and licked his hand...and Nazi Nana freaked out and went and got a wipey and "disinfected" his little hand.  Dawson didn't appreciate Nazi Nana doing that...he kept his hand wide open like she scalded it and he kept looking at her with his eyebrows all down and crossed with a mean look on his face...he didn't like it at all!  LOL, we laughed so hard because he just stared her down for a few minutes.  HA!

He is a GREAT sleeper.  I was told by MANY people to sleep when he sleeps...well, I totally sleep when he sleeps and I get NOTHING done.  But, I was told to take advantage of the time I had with him and I HAVE!.  He has his days and nights just a tad mixed up.  He only has a couple of routine feeding times...3 am...6 am...and 9 am...and he sleeps in between those times.  He goes back to sleep after the 9 am time and sleeps until usually around noon.  Then after that it is a toss up between when he sleeps and when he is awake.  He doesn't really care to be put down in his bed during the day so I like to let him sleep on my chest.  We usually get our best naps out that way.  I LOVE the snuggle time and wouldn't trade it right now for the world.  I am very lucky because I can totally put him in his bed at night and he will either pacify himself and fall right to sleep or just be out of it when I put him in his bed. 

I would probably change the sleeping on my chest deal during the day if he didn't sleep at night...but he sleeps fine in his bed on his own.  Woot!

I am just so thankful.  He is such a happy and sweet baby.  He smiles all the time and hardly ever cries.  My grandma thinks we should let him cry more so his "lungs will develop".  LOL, first of all, I don't want my baby to cry and second of all he just doesn't cry that much!

His hair is getting to be a bronze is so much lighter than it was when he was born!!  Gosh he is a cute kid.  My Grandpa Blann (the one he was named after....Blann Dawson), told mom that she would never know if her baby was ugly...(in response to mom's question of "what if my baby is ugly?").  LOL.  I asked mom the other Dawson REALLY that pretty? Or am I just totally blind.  OK, I need to quit.  I think my child is gorgeous :-)  ha.

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks.  He is just growing up so much!!!

I love this onesie...

Just got my bath...ahhhh, flannel pj's (and just minutes after we put these on him...he spit up a TON and we had to change

This was his picture at six weeks.  I was at the doc's office for my exam...I was on the exam table and he was sitting so perfectly in his carrier!!!!  This onesie says "Big my daddy" :-)  My neighbors, Jessica & Aaron, got that for us!

Mom kept D while I ran and got groceries and she sent this to me while I was gone.  Made me want to abandon my buggy and go eat that dimple right off his face...

His head is huge and his little "Dawson" hat is adorable so I wanted him to wear it once.  The little baseball outfit that it matches is too big for him right now...he looks like a gangsta with it to the side :-)  he he he.

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Erin said...

He looks like you, Lisa. I know you have had a ridiculously merry Christmas!