Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review...

What a year!  2010 was amazing.  It started out with a very successful IVF round...and it has ended with me rocking Dawson into the new year.

2010 I have been consumed with this little one...worried about the IVF round...worried about my numbers...worried about miscarrying...worried about not hearing his little heartbeat...worried if all of his organs and stuff were growing correctly...worried about my blood sugar and how it would hurt him...worried about him being HUGE when I was delivering...worried when his heart rate would fluctuate during delivery...worried about delivering him...worried about bringing him home...worried about him not breathing at night...worried about me not doing something right...worried about every small thing that I was clueless on...worried about him getting diaper rash...worried about him choking...worried about not eating enough (ha, cause he's a chunky monkey now)...worried about him getting sick...worried about going back to work...

I'm sure I will have new worries tomorrow.  Remember my neurotic post?  lol.

I have 45 minutes left in this remarkable year.  My miracle is in my arms and it all happened in 2010.  I am so very blessed and give all the glory to God.  He entrusted us with this little guy and I am just so blessed.  My cup runneth over.

I know 2011 will hold alot of FIRSTS...D will blow my mind in 2011, I just know it.  He is so stinking precious to me.

I must admit I cannot explain this love that I feel towards him. The only thing I want to see is him smiling up at me.  I ache when he cries (which he doesn't cry often)...but I cannot stand the thought of him hurt or sad or sick or anything.  I want him happy...he brings joy to people...he has brought joy to our my parents' house and to everyone who has been praying for this little guy.  He is a joy bringer!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for D to be in our lives...I hope you will continue to read about D's journey to his first birthday and beyond.

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Mindee said...

You should get used to worry.. It's should be next to the word parent in the dictionary because the 2 just go hand in hand.. LOL