Tuesday, November 09, 2010

We are home...delivery story part 2!

I think I have a little time to update.  Let me start with part 2 of the delivery.  I think I stopped with the epidural part...

The epidural was interesting.  The first part was painful...I jumped and flinched during the deadening stage...but, wow, the epidural was amazing.  I did have a little hot spot from the middle of my groin down my right leg.  I was mainly positioned on my left side...at this point I can't remember why.  lol.  The drugs really really really were wonderful.  The anesthesiologist came back through because we couldn't get the hot spot deadened and after she was through with me...I was good to go.

I cannot tell you how wonderful the staff is at St. Vincent.  The facilities are great and the nurses, staff and support staff were just always on top of things (I never had to ask for anything...they anticipated every need!!!)

Anyway, right after the epidural, I was turned to my right side and that is when the problems started.  I didn't really know what was going on but I had some different nurses come in and they were having trouble with Dawson's heart rate.  It was scary because Dawson was in distress!  The nurses were very professional and I was trying not to read into the direct stares at each other and the curtness of them barking orders to each other.  I was repositioned back to my left side and his heart rate went to normal.

I don't know how long it was really...from the time the first dip of his heart rate happened...from the time we delivered...it was really a blur.

I think I was dilated to a "5" at this point and we were preparing for a long night (Dr. B said that he thought it was going to be well into the night).  Nice!  Matt and I rested for about an hour and then the scare happened. 

I think we just had a few people in the room (again it is a blur) but nurses came in (at least three) and started barking orders for everyone to get out of the room and that is when all heck broke loose in my world.  Since the last scare, Matt and I were intently listening to Dawson's heartrate.  Any dip or skip or anything in the rythem we were about to freak.  Soooo...at this point, the nurses had to put a monitor directly on Dawson's little head.  I don't know what they used...a screw or tack or something...but they had to physically go up in me and attach the monitor to him to make sure we had a reading at all times.  Dr. B came back in and checked and I was dilated to a "7" but I was pretty much on stand by for an emergency c-section just in case Dawson was in more distress.  After they got him back normal, everyone left the room and I just started crying.  Matt prayed over us and (don't tell him) but he was crying too.  It was a really scary few hours.

So, I think it was around 6 pm at this point and I was at a "7".  Dr. B wanted to see how I progressed in his next round before we decided on the c-section (and of course if something happened with Dawson).  From 6-7 pm, from Dr. B's next set of rounds, I had dilated to a 9.5 (thanks, Lindsey, for checking).  And, Lindsey said that Dawson's head was like "right there".  Dr. B said that all looked good to go ahead and try vaginally.  (thank goodness).  However, I didn't care what he had to do...cut him out, saw him out, I just wanted him out and safe. 

They began prepping me for pushing...I was just in a daze...excited, scared, you name it.  I remember the lights being SO bright and I just couldn't believe the pregnancy chapter of our lives was just about over. 

Part 3 to come...


Mandy Babb said...

Lisa this sounds so much like our delivery! They had to attach the monitor to Gunner's head too because his heart rate was too low and it was very scary. so glad you didn't have to have a c section!

Just Jiff said...

Oh wow. This made me cry! It's a very stressful and emotional time, indeed.

Vintage Wonderland said...

Wow! Lovely chapter! It seems so strange as I sit here watching 'I didn't know I was pregnant'.

Bobbie said...

Wow, Lisa. I didn't know all that happened. I did have a bad feeling that afternoon because nothing had been put on fb for a while. I was starting to worry. I'm sure glad everything turned out great. He is so beautiful!