Thursday, November 04, 2010

So many things....

There are so many emotions running through my mind. I just can't wrap my mind around it.

I have officially started nesting. I think it is more of my procrastination panic adrenaline mode going on. It is almost one and I have done all my body can physically do but my mind won't shut off.

The dogs sense something is majorly amiss and they will not leave my side. Especially Zach.

I cannot grasp what my body will go through tomorrow. I really don't want to think about the watermelon that is going to be pushed through a tiny hole. I'm ready to see him so I hope that means my body will be ready too.

I asked my mom to bring her laptop up to the hospital tomorrow so I can blog from there. I'm anticipating a long day and hopefully I will be somewhat pain free. I do have a story to tell about my OB clinic calling me at 4:30 pm asking me to reschedule my induction. Yea, they certainly did call me and ask me if I had made big plans for today...I wanted to say nah I just figured I'd show up with a pair of underwear and not plan anything. Anyway, I'll explain later.

It is the 4th of November. I will have Dawson today and my world will be forever different. So many emotions are inside me. He is moving around as a type. I will miss him squirming inside me.

Please pray for a fast and easy delivery. I will post a bunch of pictures and details as soon as I can!! Thank you for being on this journey. I will feel everyone's love and presence in the delivery room. I love you all!


Seth, Jen, Hannah, and Cailyn said...

You'll do great!! I was induced with my first and wasn't near as dilated as you are. It also wasn't the "horror" experience you soemtimes hear aobut with inductions.

Praying for a smooth transition to life as a family of 3, and for a smooth, easy delivery. Can't wait to see pics of your miracle man!

Erin said...

Everything is going to be great! Just remember that every pain and discomfort is a means to an end. That was my thought process through the first one.

Can't wait to see him!

Ashley said...

I'm SO excited for you!!! Good luck today--you'll do great! Can't wait to see pics!

AY said...

Thinking of you today! Good luck!

Julie (Clark) Shelton said...

Been praying for you a lot last night and today. Can't wait to see your little miracle!!

Amber said...

Saying a special prayer for you today! I hope things go well and I can't wait to hear the news!