Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pee Pee and Poop

Dawson is the PEE and POOP King!  He wins all the prizes.  HOLY cow!  I get peed on at least once a day.  I just can't get his little wee wee covered quick enough and our record for poo diapers is 15 in one day.  Yes, 15.  Geez.  And, he poops LOUD!  It is so loud and wet sounding...we are going to be thoroughly embarrassed at church and at quiet places when we start taking him out!

The first time I ever changed him in the hospital, my sister-in-law, Monica, was there with me and I was nervous.  So, I undid his diaper and started wiping his booty and the fire hose started going!  We slapped the diaper over him and started laughing...then he pooped...and then I about started crying and said "I can't do this".  The angel nurse came in at that time and I asked her to finish it.  And, she did.  Monica and I were laughing but I was very intimidated.  His little circumcision looked horrible and I had to doctor it too and...sigh...oh well.

Then we brought him home.  Mom and I went through four diapers before we were able to finish one changing.  He peed on us...and pooped on us twice.  I said a dirty word that means the same thing as poop.  Sorry, I do not cuss but that word came out from nowhere.  Mom and I laughed so hard after that.

THEN, Matt helped me with a poopy diaper and I turned around to put the diaper in the genie and I looked back and Matt's eyes are wide...I had no idea what was going on but Dawson was just spraying everywhere.  I was like...COVER HIM!  LOL. Matt was a little shocked that it was so strong of a stream!  LOL.  We got him all cleaned and still laugh when we change the little booger together.

You know you are initiated as a mom when you have poop on your hands and you cover his wee wee with your other hand...just because...and you think NOTHING of it.  It just totally doesn't bother you.


Just Jiff said...


Yes, you've been inducted into mommyhood for sure! I wish I could've seen Matt's face! hahaha!

Liz said...

LOL!! Yes I remember that well. After a while, I started putting a wet wipe over his peepee as soon as I pulled the diaper down. It cut down on the streaming, at least.