Saturday, November 13, 2010

Part 3...Dawson Paul's entrance to the world!

Delivery. When it was actually time to push I didn't quite know what to do or how to do it. Like I said earlier, Lindsey and Kim (delivery nurse, Lisa, got off before I delivered) had me do a couple of practice pushes. It was just totally surreal.  

All the years that we had been trying so hard for a baby and all the years I had dreamed of just that very moment, well it was all about to happen. I don't know what to compare it to. Life was changing and changing drastically and dramatically...all in a good way!

So Dr. B came in and we started!  There is nothing that will kill your modesty faster than being spread eagle  in front of a crowd. However, I lost my modesty long ago when I had 2 to 3 fertility treatments in a week.  Ok, on to the details...I think I started pushing around 7:45 or so. 

Looking back and after talking with Lindsey, the first 15 minutes I pushed with my face. I couldn't feel anything. I did feel pressure but it didn't hurt at all. I just felt like I was about to have a very satisfying bowel movement. (gross I know but if you have always been constipated, you know what I mean). Ha!!

At 8:06 Dawson's head crowned. Dr. B was playing with his hair and said, "well, the hair was born at 8:06".  Ha. Nurse Kim was cracking me up. Holding your breath and counting to ten in three different intervals is HARD work!!!!  I would run out of air before we reached 6 and I was hoping I wouldn't pass out!  Lol. 

A few times I just burst out laughing because Kim would say, "Ok, ready?  Deep breath...and push...". Then she would pause for a few seconds and start counting to 10.  Lol. Before she got to the number 6 I would already be finished counting to 10. I would lose my breath at that point cause I burst out laughing. 

One thing I didn't anticipate was the time between contractions. After I finished my third 10 second set of pushes, we just waited for a minute or two just shooting the breeze before the next contraction hit. Lol. That was a little strange. Ha. 

Also it was so bright in there!  I felt that I needed sunglasses!  All of this was caught in photos. My friend, Angi, was there taking pictures. I think she got a ton. I haven't seen them but as soon as I get the link, I will share it. 

So, at 8:25 pm all the staff told me that I had one big push left...and bam...Dawson was here!!!  I felt like I was in a movie!  Dr. B raised him up and he was just gray and slimy but absolutely beautiful and perfect. 

Dawson didn't cry and I remember asking if that was ok. They said it was fine and Matt cut the cord and then they placed him on my chest. Angi got a wonderful picture of that moment. Dawson was looking at me like, really?  Lol  

It was such a sweet moment. I was so in awe of what just happened and the miracle, the actual miracle, was laying on my chest!  And at that very moment as we were ooo'ing and gooo'ing over him, he decided to pee all down my tummy. What a sweet moment... Lol!!!

Matt did so good. He was beside me the whole time. He was so engaged in the whole process. He watched even!!!!!  He did get a little woozy when the placenta was delivered. He really wasn't supposed to watch that or at least that was his intentions not to.

I tore just a little. I had one loopy stitch and then I was good to go! 

What a crazy experience!  Looking back a week later, I would have 10 more kids if I could!!!

I will write more about our hospital stay and post pictures in a couple days. Also I have to update on our first week at home. I hope I can get totally updated on Monday!!!


Kristie Young said...

Your post always make me smile and laugh your so real: )

Ashley said...

Yay Lisa! So happy for you guys! Cannot wait to see more pics of the little guy! The holidays are going to be so amazing for you all!

Liz said...

how big was he?