Monday, November 15, 2010

More pictures...

Here are a few more pictures.  The blog site is not cooperating and it keeps freezing when I want to load pictures.  There are a ton more I want to upload.

He is such a good baby.  He is a week and four days old today.  I can't believe and he is changing every minute!  He has peed and pooped on me more times than I can count (and I don't even care).  He slept in his bed for the first time last night (which is a miracle since everyone is spoiling him rotten with him sleeping on their chests).  I hope this begins a trend of him sleeping in his bed at night!

I am just in absolute love.  I love every minute of changing dirty diapers and getting up every few hours with him.  So much more to write about but duty is calling...enjoy the pictures...I will post more later!

Dawson constantly had his eyes open...he never really cried much just looked around like this!

This is a cute picture.  D has HUGE hands and a massive grip.  He had a hold of Matt's shirt and would NOT let go!  LOL.  My caption to this one "DAD!!! Listen to me!"

He has these HUGE dimples on BOTH sides of his face.  I have nicknamed Magnum (Tom Selleck) :-)  HUGE HUGE Dimples.


Anonymous said...


He is sooo cute! Congrats on your new addition to the family. I know that you have waited for him for so long and boy did you get a handsome fellow! I have been following your blog since you have been trying and I am just so happy for you two. I know you probably have already heard this, but enjoy him being a baby (I know you will) because they grow up so fast! Congrats again!!!!!!

Denasgifts said...

He is so pretty! You totally deserve that lil guy, he was put here for a big reason...I do believe that.