Monday, November 01, 2010

The countdown begins

I'm up early cause I can't really sleep. It's really not a big deal I have been up a lot during this time of the night. Matt gets frustrated because I can't sleep if I wake up around this time but I'm usually up a few hours before I can go back to sleep. This time he turned the heat up high and I woke up sweating...ugh. I cannot sleep if I am hot!!!

I'm going to just enjoy the quiet time for the next few days. This time on Thursday we will be getting ready to head to the hospital. It seems crazy that the time has come! Our little miracle will be here. I'm not really nervous about birth or anything. I'm anxious and it will be the most insane experience of our lives. I cannot wait to hold him in my arms and count his fingers and toes and see what color hair he has and see if he has Matt's skin color! I just want him healthy and here!!!

I need to do a few other things and then we are ready. I need to go grocery shopping, run to Babies R Us for a few last minute things, put the finishing touches on the nursery, clean my kitchen and make some space for Dawson's stuff, clean my bathroom and get the guest bedroom ready for our cousin, Nick, who will be watching the boys while we are at the hospital. Yikes, when I typed it out it seemed more than I thought!!!!

Ok, I'm going to try to try to get some rest. Matt will be up in a few minutes anyway and maybe I will fall right to sleep! Maybe! I will continue to keep updates on here!!

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Anonymous said...

Tick tock tick tock. You ready yet?