Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am breastfeeding and it is going pretty good.  He latches on really good and eats so fast he gets choked.  lol. 

I was told to wait two weeks and it would be so much better...and it has been.  We are going on week three and it is good.  We feed around every three hours and he does so good. 

My friends Mary and Karie have loaned me their breast pumps and those have been life savers.  I was very intimidated by pumping (I don't know why) and Mary came over and showed me the ropes and it has been wonderful.  I have big boobs anyway and when they are full...HOLY COW!  I have already begun freezing milk and he has plenty throughout the day so - whew.  Thank you MARY AND KARIE!  You guys have been wonderful!

I have said this before, when you are almost 35 and are just starting your family, you have TONS of friends who have a WEALTH of knowledge (because they are on their second and third kid).  I have a vast array of friends who I can call and ask stupid questions!  YAY!  I am NOT ashamed to say, "I have no idea what I am doing!"

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