Saturday, November 20, 2010

After Delivery...

I really can't remember where I stopped last.  My goal is to get all caught up this weekend.  I am at my mom and dad's this weekend to show Dawson to my side of the family.  So far he has met his Great Grandma Bernice, Great Aunt Debbie, Aunt Shelly, Great Great Aunt Susie and Great Great Aunt Donna.  We have a ton more family coming (I think). 

This is his sweet sweet Great Great Aunt Donna

Great Grandma Bernice and Aunt Shelly

Great Aunt Debbie :-)

PawPaw Tommy or PawDaddy (either one) holding Big "D".  His little onesie says:

Which we have already had to change him out of his "Team Grandpa" outfit because he peed all over it :-)  AND ME. 

Dawson was all tuckered out!  Meeting family is tiring!
Dawson is doing so good, btw.

OK, after delivery, we had about 30 minutes with Dawson with just Matt and me.  He never cried; he just looked around and was so alert.  He was just taking everything in. (I might have posted the pictures before, but I will post them again)

 I was checked in and just in waiting mode.  I was trying to Facebook and Blog but Matt took away my phone, computer and all electronic devices to the outside world.  He said I was going to get too stressed with all the comments, etc.

I think at this point I was starting to hurt just a little.  I was dilated to four and they had upped my pitocin five times at this point.  I was giving the thumbs up (I didn't have any pain epidural came later).  Look at my stinking double chins...ugh.

This was after the first scare.  I had to wear oxygen for pretty much the entire rest of the day.  We thought it was funny if Matt had the oxygen on.  My double chin is somewhat gone because I had stretched it looking up at Matt.  ha!

We had a ton of family still there (it was after 9 pm at this point).  OH...he weighed 7 lbs and 12 oz and 20 1/2 inches long.  He was born at 8:25 pm. 


Last Pregnancy shot before we went to the hospital...whew...

This was my first night home from the hospital (three days after birth).

We had Nana Deb, PawPaw Tommy, MiMi Debra, Grandpappy Johnny (he wants to be called Grandpappy), Uncle Mark & Aunt Mia, Aunt Monica, Aunt Carla, Brooke Teeter, Great Aunt Sandra, Great Uncle David, Great Aunt Lenee, Camille, and Aunt Fawnda, they were all up there after 9 pm to see him :-)  We also had Uncle Anthony come up on Saturday too :-).

We had great nurses and staff (I said that in an earlier post, I think).  We stayed Thursday - Saturday.  I think we left around 4 pm.  The pediatrician said he was perfect but had a little jaundiced.  He was 7 lbs 12 oz at birth and then when we checked out he weighed 7 lbs 5 oz.  We were worried that he would have to stay because of his jaundice level but it was low enough to just go to the pediatrician within a few days. 

Matt packed up everything and we headed home!  I couldn't believe he was ours and we had NO help at this point!!!!  We barely got everything packed up in the car!

He looked so small in his little car seat!

OK, I think this post is a little long sorry - I posted a lot of pictures.  I will try to update more this weekend as well (at least get up to date)...

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Kristie Young said...

I love the pic with you looking up at Matt when he has the oxygen on you look like you adore him. Priceless pictures: ) hope yall are doing great!