Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanks for following!

I have had several more fellow bloggers "follow" the blog.  Thank you for the add!  I will go to yours and "follow" as well!

Reality is beginning to sink in.  I am starting to realize that Dawson will be here actual little baby that is mine and Matt's.  We have prayed and cried and begged for so long and this little miracle will be here within 30 days (more than likely).  I am in awe and feel utterly blessed and overwhelmed at the gift of life.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey.  You will always be a part of Dawson's life (directly & indirectly).  You have prayed with us and cried with us and begged with us.  You have made your mark on my life and this little guy's life.  I just want to thank you all for following our story.  The journey has been a long one...but I feel like it is just beginning.  You have made my life so rich.  I have felt your prayers and I have felt your support.  Regarding the earthly side of this struggle, you have gotten me through...seriously.  Knowing I had people reading about our journey and loving us, well, that has kept me going.  So, I just want to say thank you for everything...I can never repay you.  Thank you.

I got a new washer and dryer on Friday.  WOO HOO!  I was so excited.  I am STILL so exited!  It is HUGE and I LOVE it.  I got all of our laundry done...I got the living room picked back up...the kitchen is "OK" (I still need to deep clean the stove)...I went to Wal-mart last night (ugh, last trip there!) and got groceries that should last us for the next few weeks.  I will just have to send mom to Wal-mart for me after that (I would send Matt but Matt is banned from going to WM unsupervised.  He spends WAY too much money on CRAP so he can't go without adult supervision).  I was so thankful for my local Wal-mart parking :-)

Well, the trip to WM wore me smooth out.  I was hurting so bad, I felt like Dawson was between my knees.  After I put away the groceries and sat down for an hour, I got up and started on D's laundry.  I washed his little towels, hooded towels, most of his blankets and a load of his newborn clothes.  I started to pack for the hospital but got overwhelmed and stopped.  Any suggestions on what to bring for him and for me?  I'll take them!  I also put up some of his decor.  I am still working on the letters that my blog friend, Kristie, made for me.  We are trying to figure out the best way to hang them.

Here is a picture of our little wall hangings (thanks to my friend Abby).  I love these things!  They match SOOOO perfectly!

This is the wall with the changing table and our glider/rocker (it looks a little off centered from the furniture, because it is, I centered it with he wall).  I still have so much to hang up and put away! 

Also, here was D's first round of laundry.  I washed all of his little wash cloths and hooded towels in the first load.  I will have an endless supply of wash cloths! 


HandyFamily said...

Baby laundry is so much fun to wash! A new washer/dryer makes it that much more enjoyable!

Erin said...

As for what to take to the hospital - he won't need much. A picture outfit and a going home outfit (if they aren't the same). We kept Jillian in the hospital clothes most of the time (she was a spitter and better to to spit on someone else's stuff). You'll need anything you NEED at home. Take your slippers. Just don't forget the cameras and the baby book so you can keep up with who comes to visit.

Amanda said...

comfy clothes for you. No one told me I could change out of that stupid gown. Of course I had a c-section so I'm not sure if I would have changed or not. :) And like Erin said, anything you would need at home (glasses, contacts, shower stuff, etc.) You will probably want slippers or socks. The hospital should provide diapers and you'll probably want to use the washcloths (with warm water) they give you to wipe the tar-like poop. :) It's thick! I have no idea if there is something special you will need for little boys after the circumcision. If you are wanting to use a certain type of paci, bring it...if you don't want a paci, let them know. Otherwise they will give her the large hospital one. Don't get overwhelmed. And if you forget anything, somebody can always get it for you! ;)

AY said...

That baby is going to be born with the most beautiful complexion. His fingernails will be long and he will have a scratched up face for the baby pictures...So go ahead and put a nail file in your purse(now) and bring the onesies that cover his tiny hands...Make sure he has that on the night before you leave the hospital(or every night just to be sure). That way the picture shows his beautiful complexion!

Just Jiff said...

Sounds like someone is nesting. ;)

Have an outfit for Dawson to go home in, his carseat, and some comfy going home clothes for you. You also need your camera and CELL PHONE CHARGER. (that's very important!)

You don't need much. Of course your toiletries.

Just Jiff said...
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Leigh Green said...

I love all the little washcloths. I didn't just use them to bathe mine with but also to catch drips and drools while I was nursing. They were less bulky than burp cloths and fit under baby's mouth much better. Just a thought for another use for them since you seem to have plenty.

Something else I suggest taking to the hospital if you are going to nurse...your boppy or something similar. Also I took a couple of nursing gowns and a robe.